I went to a cat show today…. And yes, it was as bizarre and ghastly odd as you’d expect it. Kittens crying shame whilst women and men poked and probed them. Judging them… “You’re tail is too long, your face is too fucked!” At one point, I turned to Matt and said, “I think everyone here knows everyone here.” Then, instantly a low, stern voice … Continue reading Caturdays

Open Letter To That Guy Who Rules Nothing

Dear A-hole, I don’t give a fuck if you don’t know where this is coming from but you are about to get hit with some seriously real shit, like seriously R-E-A-L. First and foremost, you look like a douche with your thigh high socks and shorts. I don’t know if you thought you were going to start some sort of style “trend” but UMm no. … Continue reading Open Letter To That Guy Who Rules Nothing

Cigarettes After Sex

I once read an article published by The Counsel Rock School District stating there are 4 phases of grief alongside the 5 stages of loss. Dissonance phase–This is the initial period after the loss when nothing literally “fits” or makes sense. It’s been called a “personal holocaust” because of the devastation and the extent of anguish and emotion that sweeps over a person. It can … Continue reading Cigarettes After Sex

The Jayded Inc

So it’s about 6 o’ clock in the morning on a Sunday and I haven’t slept yet. My days are blurred into nights, into days. I have been busting my ass off to start my new business venture as well as continuing to maintain everything else in my life. Balance.  A skill I lack most. I haven’t really slept much for the pass four weeks. … Continue reading The Jayded Inc

Extinct Dinosaurs

Wow, I have insanely neglected this blog. This time around it isn’t because I do not have anything to write, I just have been extremely busy with life. Between juggling, almost, two jobs, making sure my wifely dues are paid at home, and writing papers there is barely anymore energy in me to think past a few words. I…cannot…give….any…more….. KIDDING! So what has been going … Continue reading Extinct Dinosaurs