Hoe Habits

It is evidently clear my mind goes into overdrive right before I start my “toss, turn” regime. I suppose since I keep this ole brain preoccupied during daylight well into night hours, the wee mornings while I am in bed getting ready for some much needed shut-eye my mind goes berserk! Henceforth, the reason these flanges are a-typing-away at 4:32AM.

X- I did not run today.

X- There had been zero attempts of zero outlines.

X- Did not print what I needed for university admissions.

Quite an unproductive fucking day!

I, notably, was coerced in to spending nearly five hours chanting healing spells like some Pathfinder Cleric character at a Catholic Mass, sans tampons going on day two of my rag.

Fucking terrible.

In 3.2 hours I get to do it all over again because my lazy ass decided to take a bribe from Granny in exchange for a paid speeding ticket instead of working like a normal fool.


On a lighter note:
I masturbated three consecutive times.
Evaluated the intense amount of sex I incorporated in to my day to day life and relationships.
Set a goal to “save” myself for someone worthwhile.
Went on a coffee date.
Reconnected with #MSPS.
Had a half-assed, yet, finger licking HOT attempt of phone sex with #MSPS.
Watched porn for an hour straight.
Masturbated four times over.

I am unsure how long it will take for me to figure things out, but until then there are going to be loads (tee hee, “loads) of masturbating.
Flanges, you have been forewarned!

-The Puppet Master


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