Friendly Sex Banters

Today proved far more productive than the last.
I applied for a few universities today.
Major: Physics
I am not worried. With my GPA I always get accepted and a scholarship.
Am a little worried about the physics boot camp course required to advance into the actual program itself. I am pretty badass in mathematics and science, reason and logic, quantum physics and thermodynamics, thus I shouldn’t sweat it.

I also had the luxury to spend the entire afternoon running errands with Mi Madre.
We spoke of topics never before ventured into.
She bantered sex. She said, “Fuck” on multiple occasions. She even listened with an open mind and agreed when I explained to her why I needed to punch some cunt for calling me a whore three weeks back.
Where is my über Roman Catholic mother and what awesome, fun loving demon possessed her?!
She has been attending family therapy. I suppose the therapist knocked some sense into her. I don’t know what the change or how it became but I fucking love Mum 2.0!

I am going to Austin tomorrow with my grandmother. Should be a nice little trip.
Halloween I have yet to make plans.
I will be a broken doll, I have planned.
Okay, fap time. Bed time.

Sweet Sex Dreams!

– Killer Nymph


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