Gloomy, Sexless Days

I hate having nightmares. The next day it seems to dampen my entire day with a sort of bleakness I cannot seem to shake off.

I wanted to stay in bed and mope all day but instead I redirected my frustrations towards working out and towards bantering with a special someone I have been talking to.

It has been a while since I had masturbated thus, this AM I fapped one out quickly whilst fantasizing about getting thrown against the wall and fucked so hard my ass cheeks are chapped from the coarseness of the wall texture.


I need to stop procrastinating and get my own  mattress in my own room therefor I have an outlet to watch my porn and release my tension. Momentarily I am sharing a bed with my sister and my godson.

Sheer Laziness.

So, the story goes I have been talking to this great guy every day for a week now. He is seemingly amazing but isn’t that how it all begins?

TBH I am deathly afraid to take another step, yet, somehow talking to him. Seeing his text. Hearing his voice. All of the above pushes me further and further out of my element and into the risk zone.

Shiznit I am seriously considering flying to see him. To meet him. To Fuck him bowlegged. We will see where this road of lust and infatuation takes me. Possibly back to the lost city of angels before making my way back to home sweet Vegas.

– Smut Queen


One thought on “Gloomy, Sexless Days

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