Unicorn Moments

I started my first day of an actual office job today. Although in theory it is a 9-5 but actually a 8pm – 6am, I quite enjoyed it. I felt productive and needed.

My new boss told me he sees so much potential in me he believes one day soon I am fit to run the show. That my entire workspace can and will be managed by me as long as I continue my path of positive vibes and independence. I will conquer any beast set forth before me. This made me feel so amazing!

This week will be such a busy week for me. Between seeking a new place of great dwellings to working every night this week until Monday, boy am I going to be productive or productive?!

This moment. This feeling. This fulfillment. This unicorn. This is all mines. All in the hands of my accomplishment. All in my doing. All because of me.

I feel incredible! And this is all because of me….

Sweet dreams Jayde, you deserve this– ALL OF THIS! 


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