First Name: Greatest

The past few days have been a mess—a hot, awesome mess nonetheless. I have exactly seven days to find a new home and other crazy shit stresses that comes with this gift called “Life”. I will figure everything out eventually and everything will work out in my favor!

Look at me… SO optimistic! Yes, yes. I am—at least for the moment anyways.

I am going to start cooking again, then blogging it again. Food Porn, Writing. My three life loves all mixed up in one shabang?! What else could a batshit bitch want from life?

Well… I suppose I would love to secure an income sustainable thus financially stress even less career in writing. I want not to have obligations or expectations. I want to write in various assignments, not everyday repetitious bullshit. I want investigative journalism, travel and oddity to be mandatory in my assignments. I want my readers to feel every bit of emotion I felt with each word written. I want life and those surrounding to carry with them a knowing Jayde is a timeless writer. I want reminiscence as an astronomical scintillation among the most captivating. Never as a supernova and never mind how beautiful; never a supernova.

I am aware what I am asking for is next to wishing for “world peace” however not nearly as impossible. I am not wishing for it all or even the “best”. I am wishing for enough and with this “enough” I can create magic.

At this very moment I do not have financial security nor do I have a stable home, a stable job, a stable vehicle, a stable schedule, a stable lifestyle, and if ever possible, mental stability. Basically in layman, “I am in a category 5 shit storm.” But hey! It is all gravy baby. I may be lacking vital necessities to survive however I am granted with two amazing gifts most of the world’s population unfortunately will never see the light of; opportunity + intelligence.

All it takes is opportunity to achieve, mix in even a bit of intelligence and “Volia!” MAGIC.

That and the fact that I also have the most phenomenal ass but yeah…. I fucking hate bragging so I’ll stop! Anyhow, I should have been updating my resume not blogging ergo I will now do but not before throwing a bone. “You’ve occupied most of my thoughts today. Today was rough. Today was beautiful. Today.”



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