Wandering Star

Just one of those nights again. I am yawning incessantly but I keep tossing and turning in bed. I don’t get it.  Anyways, since counting sleep isn’t helping I thought I’d write.

Nothing new or fantastic has been going on. Other than going on a work vacation with Bryan in the next few weeks I have been just hanging out with C and chilling with my family. All the work hours I seem to be punching in is finally showing evidence of a reward to reap from. It is nice to have savings and still able to spend mercilessly.

Well, yesterday I suppose it was. Today as well as the following weeks I will have to save if I am going to travel as much as I had plan to. Speaking of travels, I have been asked to go to both Thailand + Vietnam at the end of this year for some work related stuff. I already agreed to both trips and really need to get my passport shit in order if I am to travel abroad. I am a tad bit weary about traveling across the vast pond as I am unsure if I would even want to return. I could already feel the depression seeping its way back into my life once I’ve been back to paradise only to leave back to the doldrums of mundane Houston. Imagine that! Visiting with dear old friends. Enjoying the fruits of my mother’s land. Breathing in the smog filled cities and showstopping beaches. Enriching this here tastebuds and colon with foodporn galore! Awaking to the possibilities of walking directly outside and screaming “GOOD MORNING SAIGON” off my hotel balconies as I once have long, long ago. Ahhh, the possibilities.


The way I see it thus far is if I do not couple back with B. there will be no reason for a return trip. I might as well book a one way to Vietnam. At least there I will be content with my surroundings and not always itching for something better.

Truth be told Vietnam is the latter and nothing will ever be better than home. Well, that is only if B decided to bless Saigon with his presence….

Perhaps then it may be a tad bit better!

Anyhow, wishful thinking when I should be sleeping.

G’night world.


My darling sweet man, 

I will hold you yet never to have you…… And all the glories of that sappy happy crap. G’night.  



P.S. Oh FUCK!  I just realized I will be 28 in little as two months and I am single with no offsprings……WTF am I still doing here in the states?! WTF am I doing period?! Serious reevaluation time buddy. #Getyoshittogether


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