Where the Hat is

There are places.

Places you remember thoroughly.

Places you forget instantly.

Places worth visiting.

Places worth revisiting.

Places worth forgetting.

Places made for creating memories.

Places made for wasting time.

Places made for spending your fortunes.

Places made for photos and film.

Places made for sun-kissed skin.

Places so far-fetched and exhilarating.

Places damp and deeply depressing.

Places you’ve never dreamed of finding.

Places you simply cannot thrive in.

There are an exuberant amount of places in oneʼs life that are purposed for vastly different means, as there are a select few  places that hold true sentiment. Then, of course, there lies that one special place—a place of great dwelling. A place of love, life, and storytelling. A place many, many people have built upon blood, sweat, and tears and yet that same place is filled with crazy laughter. A place of fears and a place of disasters. A place of ancestries and progenitors. A place of love and of life, and of bittersweet demise. This wonderland, this place; the place we called home

Jayde Onyx Lei
Enjoy the rest HERE.
(Thank you Ethan Minisker founder of the Antagonist Movement for this opportunity. Looking forward to our future collaborations.)

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