Know You’re Not Alone

It feels amazing being home.

The smells of familiarity and monotonous routines.
The comforting touch of our bath towels hugging me after a long steamy shower.
The blessed aromas of rich and robust French roast filling the early wee morning hours; the calm before the rush.
Matcha green tea pancakes stove-top and maple bacon baking in the oven.
Kissing Matt farewell; cuddling the purring cats on the couch under a warm fleece; mapping out meal plans and crafting new housewares projects; blogging.

I promise to never forsaken this life with you. For you have kept me warm and safe when I have felt all was lost in my world, and in my reality.

Matt picked me up from the airport last night. I couldn’t find him at baggage claim at first. We missed each other as I walked passed him several times before texting him asking for his precise location in the vastness of Bush Intercontinental Airport.

When I finally spotted him he was sitting there. As handsome as I had left him ten days prior; maybe not. No, not. He had, and I couldn’t imagine this ever ringing true but it was true. He has become more stunning than I had remembered him to be. His hair tattered and messy as I love for it to be. As if he just woke up and he was lying beside me glaring down upon me with his magical deep blue eyes. Longing for me, longing for love.

Mornings + him ♥

He was wearing his normal routine of a button down blue striped dress shirt, khaki shorts and brown loafers. Yes, khaki shorts in 50 degree weather. He was texting me from his phone unaware I was lurking around the corner.
As I began to walk towards him I noticed this huge assortment of pinks, reds and white beauties sparking in his lap. It was flowers! Roses to be exact. Roses and star lilies.

He spotted me and stood quickly. A dashing smile of sunshine sprawled over his face melting me to the floor as his one dimple on right side became prominent.

God he was a sight to be worshiped.

He was mine. My bed headed blue eye bombshell with a smile that could light up an entire city, just standing there focusing his undivided attention all upon my arrival; my presence; me. He brought with him romance and with him his love, and again, he was all mine.

Ten days is all it took for my slowly growing love to steer into straight dying devotion. It is true, distance does make the heart grow fonder; at least in our situation it has.

I couldn’t have fallen more in love with Matt the past ten days as I have cared for him the in past four months. It is incredible how all it took was one long trip one time zone away plus one misunderstanding leading to an argument for both of us to realize how much the other means to them.

We were brought back to a time of naivety; young adolescent love.

Phone conversations lasting hours on end. Listening to the other sleep sweetly, snore loudly. Twelve hours at a time. We each counted the days, marking the time until we would hold each other once again. And boy did I hold/cuddle the fuck outta him!

After ten days, when I laid eyes upon him once again I knew at that moment this is the man I want to spend every blissfully mundane day of the rest of my existence with. I knew right then I am going to marry this man one sweet day. I will spend an eternity loving this man and this fine man will love me as much as his huge heart can in return.

I am ever so lucky to share this type of simple, all powerful love with Matt.

Matt and our cats.

Matt and his dangling pack.


This trip made me realize two things:

  1. I am NEVER leaving the confinement of our four walls ever again without him!
  2. I will appreciate and love the fucks out of this man even after my soul ceases to exist.

It’s our time Leonard, and we will fucking sparkle, glimmer and glow; always. 


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