When the Morning Comes

I don’t know what happened.

I took a short hiatus from spilling out my guts for the world to judge. To understand. To take each as their own.

I didn’t have it in me.

My feelings were not high nor were they low. I suppose I have been in a sort of emotional state of homeostasis. If this is even possible, and/or I suppose I stop writing because I couldn’t allow myself to behave in impulsive moments of vain.

Perhaps I have, at some point in this adult life learned to regulate my emotions. Perhaps.

All is known, I just stop writing, and I am entirely okay with this.

My life is mundane and I am ultimately happy with this. Life is not tragic. Life is not dull. Life is not even out of control.

I wake up, he is next to me.

All day, he is next to me.

As I fall asleep dreaming of all the evil the world could possibly withhold only to wake up safe, sound, and knowing he will continue to always want to be lying next to me. I needn’t it any other way.

When morning comes, he will always be right here beside me. His laughter, always besotted.

And now it is morning. Time for breakfast, time for adventures. Happy Sunday, Bloggers! Happy funday, Bloggers!




5 thoughts on “When the Morning Comes

    1. 😁 It kind of sucks however. During my moments thru this short term hiatus I questioned whether I could possibly title myself a true writer when my passion for writing anything at all has ceased. I suppose it won’t cease for long. I just have nothing to write about at the moment….. Sex with strangers is no longer an option and my life isn’t in a constant, or even simplifed self-inflicted turmoil.

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