Seaweeds Ashore


Matt: “Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby. I love you.” 

Me: “Does this mean I get the penis tonight?” 


I am currently listening to Radiohead – Talk Show Host, famously known from Romeo & Juliet (1996) film, and watching my dearly beloved play COD on PS4.

Seven minutes before the clock strikes midnight and commemorates the commercially made holiday yet it feels like another day. Not that my Matty isn’t romantic, it is more so me. I do not like to celebrate common holidays which forces you to spend time and money on your significant other, all in vain.

I would rather a life time of love and affection, versus one day out of the year to “prove” how much we love each other by forcing gifts with ridiculous price tags on one another.

So, instead of doing sappy, dumb shit to post all over social media and rub in people’s faces, we are going on a long hike by the sea and I am making him a nice dinner. That is all….

Well, that isn’t all.

I am going to sex him up and show him who is boss.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers!


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