Boredom is, as Boredom does

I have been working out and cooking healthy a lot lately. I suppose this would be my “fad” of the moment until I grow utterly bored of it, as I seemingly do with everything. I have been wanting to join a “Housewife” group of some sort, then realizing most housewives are with children, and I really do not like children so much.

Other than playing Destiny and Star wars, I have grown bored to tears with watching the telly. Bored to tears with blogging. Most of all bored to tears with social media. Everything seems the same and yet lacking in entertainment all together. I cannot seem to find something worthwhile to occupy my burning desire for wandering.

I want to explore more, get out more, see the world outside of my little box. Feel the sun touch my skin. Hear the sounds of the earth at its finest. Feel the slightly cool breeze blow softly through my hair.

I want to sweat and get filthy. Sunbathe and get burnt.

I want flaky, red skin moisten with aloe; white clumps of sunscreen covering every inch.

I want beach sand irritating my bottom; booze hidden in a flask.

I want shady trees covering my picnic blanket; blades of dew ridden grass between my toes.

I want romanticized days filled with art and culture.

I want ice cream melting, dripping on my floral printed dress, whilst a band is rockin’ a tune.

I want the summer fun…. yet I fucking hate the heat.

OH, Wait. My shows are on!


4 thoughts on “Boredom is, as Boredom does

  1. LOL! The featured pic had me cracking up:p My shows often take precedence over things I want to do sometimes, too LOL But, hey, as long as we are being entertained somehow;)


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