Extinct Dinosaurs

Wow, I have insanely neglected this blog. This time around it isn’t because I do not have anything to write, I just have been extremely busy with life. Between juggling, almost, two jobs, making sure my wifely dues are paid at home, and writing papers there is barely anymore energy in me to think past a few words.



So what has been going on in my world. Here’s the skimpy:


  • I stop giving fucks about beauty standards. I am trying something new by embracing my extra weight.

I have, my entire life, been skin and bones. Call it the drugs, drinking, partying, or just call it youth- I call it life and living. The realization death cannot be cheated has brought me to appreciate all the stages of my life. I am growing much older now, in mere years youth will slip away from my fingertips; lost forever. Everything from my first white hair to the tea bags underneath my once pristine skin is unspoken proof. For me, growing old is about created experiences. It is the memories from my best and worst adventures. It almost always is the food. As for the rest, I’ve elected to skip the new heavily make-up trend and go au natural as well as grow all my body fur to however nature intended me to be.

Call me a Hippie, a Gypsy, or just lazy. Just remember: I don’t give fucks anymore. 🙂



  • I have been cooking, a lot.

The past few years I have neglected my love for cooking as well as my love for life. I got caught up on the pitiful spoils of constant take-out, maid service and partying until I forget what year I am in. This year has proven the start of something vastly different. This year I am more humbling, more self-ware, less entitled. Ever since I could remember, I wanted a purpose bigger than myself- and now I have it. I am never giving it up. This year I am cooking more, spending less, appreciating the significance of giving back, and not taking for granted the love which fills my entire heart.




  • I have been embracing the people I love, and the life I love to live.

The beginning of this year, I have discarded things/people in my life I felt were tying me down. It didn’t matter to which degree, I have even dropped communication with a few close relatives…. on the contrary reconnected, closely with others. I made a promise to myself no one is going to judge me, hold me down and/or tear me apart for neither my past choices or my future decisions.

I am my choices.

I am my experiences.

No one will tell me otherwise.

To the three on the top of my love list, I love yous crazies! 






  • I have curbed my career path.

I have taken a new position as a On-boarding Content Specialist at a well rounded Ecommerce company, and absolutely adore it! I love the fact I work remote, just as I always have, and there is a set agenda expected with every project. Don’t get me wrong, I love creative writing. I will never silence this part of my life, it is simply nice not to have to plan.

Between my major guest collaborations, technical writing and now blue moon blogging, it is nice to just color in the lines, sometimes.



  • I am officially infatuated with G-Easy. ♥

Bahahahahah! Honestly, other than the one song Me, Myself + I, I am not particularly fond of his music but his face will do as my man crush for the moment.



2 thoughts on “Extinct Dinosaurs

    1. Thank you! And, also thanks for being a long time supporter. It’s nice to know I still have people rooting for me in the background. People that have watch me rise and fall, then grow from those experiences. 😋

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