The Jayded Inc

So it’s about 6 o’ clock in the morning on a Sunday and I haven’t slept yet. My days are blurred into nights, into days. I have been busting my ass off to start my new business venture as well as continuing to maintain everything else in my life.


A skill I lack most. I haven’t really slept much for the pass four weeks. If not obsessively rushing to meet work deadlines, I am studying, wifeyin’, and working on my new freelance business. I have thus far obtained all of the necessary certifications and with only a few more things to check off the list, I am well on my way to becoming a Google Partner. I just put the finishing touches on my self-hosted company’s website I built via with all of the necessary SEO, XML, Meta Tags, connected Google Webmaster Tools/Analytics, and filled the pages and post with content. It only took about 8 or so hours, but I think it could stand to use a little more work. I placed an order in for my logo to be made, don’t know when it’ll be made because the guy seems so busy all the time. All I have left to complete for my business is to design then order my business cards and start marketing myself to gain more experience with AdWords.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note: I have my first client, I suppose. He is actually a friend I decided to pass my old sex blog domain to. Since I won’t be using it anymore and put so much hard work and effort into it, I thought someone else could continue building on top of the masterpiece I created. (Smirks) Well, it didn’t happen that way. I wasn’t ready to let go of my baby yet so I propositioned myself to help him rebrand and relaunch the site myself! So ladies and gentlemen….(drumrolls) is coming back!

Yes, it is. I am rebranding therefore it will not be the same blog as before. Before the entirety of the site focused on me. This time it isn’t. I haven’t completely hashed out all the details as of yet but as soon as I do I will keep you guys in the loop!

So much to be thankful for. My relationship with Matt. My new company. My ongoing freelance projects. And the fact that my cat BMO is shaved like a Dino-Cat.

Well, that’s all for meow! Please feel free to check out my company’ website out and share if you know anyone needing any services! ❤

The Jayded Inc






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