Open Letter To That Guy Who Rules Nothing

Dear A-hole,

I don’t give a fuck if you don’t know where this is coming from but you are about to get hit with some seriously real shit, like seriously R-E-A-L.

First and foremost, you look like a douche with your thigh high socks and shorts. I don’t know if you thought you were going to start some sort of style “trend” but UMm no. You didn’t. You won’t. You look like a fucking douche.

Secondly, I only needed to read a few of your responses to Di to catch on to the utter bullshit you’ve spewed all over her, if anyone is lowering any ones Sexual Market Value it is when you stuck your obviously spolit dick inside of her pure vagina. Yes, you’ve ruined it, no one else but you. SEXUAL MARKET VALUE?!?! Like what the flying fuck, Brah. Aren’t you like old ass fuck to be revisiting high school trivial slut shaming???! Hoebags like you make America look bad.

Thirdly, I get the whole non-monogamy thing but don’t go spreading your worthless love over 7 continents when you plan on doing nothing but spread worthless love.

Fourth, your game is so weak and I could smell your bleeding narcissistic ego from here. You prey on bluestocking women from poor stricken foreign countries who are educated beyond their social norms and you wave your magic wand over them. You suck them in and control them. When they lose interest or they’re finally done with your play boy charades you either:

A) suck them in with bullshit promises of love and travels

B) play the “poor me” I am so depressed and sadden card

C) put them down, slut shame them THEN tell them you have their best interest at heart

An educated westernized woman would smell your bullshit coming from states away, and possibly the reason why you’ve decided to take your manipulation and weak ass game else where.

Fifth, in any other situation I would agree with you when you told Di that she has put herself in this situation. The fact of the matter is it is her fault she still keeps in contact with you, still falls for your bullshit, still allows you to dictate her life and her emotions. I have told her this as I am telling you….BUT given the circumstances it isn’t her fault, it is yours. She isn’t westernized. She is native to Southeast Asia thus naive to the dynamics of westernized interpersonal/romantic relationships. You are willing taking candy from a child, stomping on said child, then telling this child to deal with it because this is life. BUT AGAIN, you are aware of this, you actively seek and prey on these types of relationship because they’re the only ones you will ever be able to dictate and consistently spew bullshit over and over without having to deal with real life repercussions, you know, like getting your fucking balls chopped off.

Lastly, I could sit here and tell you how much of a piece of shit you are but you already know this. I am sure you wake up every damn day of your sad pathetic life feeling like a piece of shit. You take a selfie here, post a selfie there. Use a shit ton of filters to make it seem like whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re doing this at in the world seem uber glamorous. You fuck this girl and fly across the world to fuck another when the last girl fails help you forget about the shitty person you are anymore. You thrive on others to make you feel like your life is meaningful but in reality your life is worthless. You do nothing meaningful but throw your money at shit and deceive people into thinking you care so much. In fact, you aren’t capable of love or compassion; only capable of training yourself to be the best bullshitter money could buy. I pity soulless assholes like you, Andrew. You will never comprehend what it means to love, thus never actually be in love.




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