The Skinny




I am Jayde Onyx Lei.

I am twenty-eight years young.

I currently reside in Houston, TX.

I have a boyfriend I am insanely in love with.


I am a proud mother of two:

Mulligan and BMO.


I am infamous for being a:

Kickass Curator

Freelance Smut Writer

Quirky Content Developer

Internet Porn Connoisseur

World Famous Psychobabbler + Blogger


My hobbies include:

RPG tabletop gaming




Cooking yummy shit to share

Laughing until my pants explode


15 - 1

Fun Facts about yours truly:

I am a the worst person to share a bed with; I snore, drool, hog blankets and am violent.

I am blatantly honest most of the time it hurts.

I am difficult to love.

I am awkward, odd, an enigma.

I have a photographic memory.

I am bat shit insane; borderline personality disordered.

I can cook like a BOSS.


IG: KungPaoKitten

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